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The world's only email radio station. Listeners are the composers are the djs. Imagine the silence between sounds. Live 24 hours a day. Use this narrowwave to netcast audio fragments, ascii noise, & mutated media. Experiment with the noise to time ratio. All files played will be archived as part of Plasmaphone, an online random sampler. Do not join this list if your email program cannot handle attachments or your server cannot handle larger file sizes. Possible file types include .wav, .aiff, .midi, .swf, .jpg, .gif, mp3, ra, .... All samples sent to the list must be under 30K. For larger files send only a link or upload yr works to a shared file area. This list will remain unmoderated unless problems with file size are encountered.

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miekal and

Thirty Samples for Orchestra
Audio toy for the classically minded.
[Flash, 1997, 477K]

__ reCURSION stereoSCAPE _
Html feedback loops. The text is the sound is the text.
[Flash, 1998, 294K]

UBUTRONIC Audio Faucet & Brainwave Seducer
with Allegra Fi Wakest
hyperlink/multi-track TRANCE AUDIO
[Html/.Aif, 1998. 1.3MB]

Sound from a Wall of Water
Performance samples of handmade instruments
[Html/.Aif, 1987/2000. 548K]

Performance samples of handmade GOURD instruments
[Html/.Aif, 1989/2000. 1MB]

Lyric interference as the text is undone
[Flash, 1999, 274K]

Hysteric languaging aberrations scared into existence by eavesdropping on a Babelian glossapoetic eletromagnetic survival chant.
[MP3, 1988]
Side 1 [26.7MB]
Side 2 [28.1MB]

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miekal and

!Information Abstracts for the ElectroMagnetic Spectacle!

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Production improvised by Awkword Ubutronics Year 2000 & Beyond